Monday, 22 June 2015

Ice Cream Jellyfish


  1. this is a sweet idea, Scarlett - very whimsical :)

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  3. Ok, I think you're heading in a nice direction here...probably more so than some of your ealier drawings (diver) - although the vampire squid is starting to work too. I think however you could push your drawings a little further by understanding 'the rules' of the way you paint - for example there is a 'cut out' and 'airbrushed / block printed' quality to your latest work - strong basic shapes with sprayed shading and broken areas (faded). If you repeat this idea (rules) in all of your drawings then you will have a consistent style. Take a look at the concept art for monster inc or the incredibles.

    In terms of a game I'd suggest doing more research in this area - what makes a level design work? Think of it as a 'home' for you creatures with challenges for a player. A common mistake is to just draw platforms with scenic details - as a game this is boring. Classic games like Mario and Sonic work because the world is built around the characters abilities / traits - sonic = speed, mario = upgrade and reward. If you can figure out what is at the heart of the game you will find it much easier to design for it. So for your game is it 'hide and seek' (illusion)? - if that's true how can all of your creatures / objects hide in plain sight or be revealed in fun/ magical ways?

    1. Okay thanks Alan. Ill keep posting. Do you think I could come in on friday and have a one on one tutorial?

  4. Incredibles -

    This is a little graphical / cleaner than your drawings (yours are more painterly) but it makes good use of shapes to create dynamism and character.